Commercial Umbrella Insurance in Agoura Hills

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Benefits of Commercial Umbrella Policies

When businesses experience high claims for damages or personal injury, they may find that their general liability does not provide sufficient funds to cover the costs. That’s why many business owners are opting for an umbrella insurance policy.

Umbrella insurance provides businesses with the additional coverage they need when claims exceed what their primary policies can payout.

Investing in umbrella insurance may be more affordable than increasing your existing insurance premiums. Our agents can help you compare these costs, and find the very best policies for you.

Scarnechia Insurance Agency’s Umbrella Insurance Policy Expertise

For years now, our team has been working with business owners throughout the Agoura Hills area, and we’ve earned a stellar reputation as an excellent agency. So when you contact us, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the right information and guidance you need to protect your business.

If you already have an insurance package, you could consider adding umbrella insurance to your existing policies. If not, buying the stand-alone package is always a good option.

When it comes to insurance, it pays to shop around. Give us a call to locate the very best business umbrella rates available in the area.

Comprehensive Commercial Umbrella Policies

Business umbrella insurance is not a primary insurance policy. Instead, its purpose is to extend the limits on other policies where coverage may be inadequate.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Coverage

To get a better understanding of whether commercial umbrella insurance is the right choice for your business, take a look at what umbrella insurance typically covers:

  • Excess claims on general liability
  • Excess claims on commercial vehicle insurance
  • Excess claims on Workers’ Compensation
  • Excess claims on hired and non-owned auto liability insurance

Depending on your business, you may have concluded that your exposure to risks is high for the coverage you have. If so, ask us about the added protection of umbrella insurance.

Help with Business Umbrella Insurance Claims

In the case of a severe accident, injury, or damage to property, your business could be deemed liable. Your liability insurance offers protection up to a limit. Beyond that, the cost of damages or litigation may far exceed your policy coverage, and this is where umbrella insurance can help you.

In the case of such an event, contact the authorities before getting in touch with us. Then, contact us so that we can survey the nature and extent of the accident, and get to work processing the claim.

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If you run a high-risk business, or if you want to ensure that you have covered all your assets in the case of an emergency, umbrella insurance might be just what you need.

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